Grace and Peace Church

Practicing God's Kingdom Together

We are a community of Christians that meet on Magnolia Ave in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our desire is to grow together as the Body of Christ and to welcome people into God’s gracious family. Come visit with us as we sing, preach, and eat together in Jesus’ name!

What to Expect


We sing in order to find our place within the reality God has made through the death and resurrection of his Son. We lift our voices—tuned and discordant alike—to find our true selves in the presence of God and the worshiping community (Rev. 15:1-4).


Prayer is a continuation of our song. Prayer teaches us that we are one body, and so we carry one another’s needs, hopes, struggles, and joys with us in prayer throughout the week (Rom. 12:12-15).


Each week we take time to talk ourselves into Scripture. Scriptures is our story. It explains who we are and, more importantly, whose we are. In short, it defines us. That’s why every Sunday we sing the Scriptures, we pray the Scriptures, we read the Scriptures, and we receive instruction from the Scriptures by those gifted and called to teach.


We believe that the church is a family more real than our genealogy (Matt. 12:46-50), more determinative than our genetics, and more definitive than our nationality (2 Cor. 5:15-21). Each week we rehearse this reality around the communion table. Eating together each week reminds us of the day when we will feast with Christ at his wedding supper.

Come Visit Us

Grace and Peace Church


Sunday Morning – 10am

2112 E. Magnolia Ave
Knoxville TN, 37917

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